Why Automatic and Air Lubrication?

June 26 2015

Problems with manual lubrication:

  • Manual lubrication is a time consuming process and is sometimes forgotten and as a result inadequate lubrication causes high repair and downtime expenses due to premature wear.
  • Manual lubrication is done while the machine is sitting still or static which means that when you grease, there is a load on one side of the pin and bushing.
  • The grease is directed to the no-load side with excess grease being pushed out of the joint.
  • With manual greasing, every time you connect a grease gun to nipple there is a high risk of contamination.
  • Regularity, availability and reliability of the maintenance staff.
  • Climate conditions.
  • Planning of Service logistic.
  • Need for frequent interruption for lubrication purpose.
  • Tiresome operation.

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